Monday, August 16, 2010

Rehashing Auditory hallucination

Having Bipolar also includes hallucinations for some people

Where do voices come from? One theory is the brain processes language differently. When the brain is supposed to receive language it is intern sending it.

-The voices gave me commands
-They told me they were not voices/hallucinations but spirits
-I could have conversations with them
-I could here familiar voices (Dad, Grandmother, Sister etc.)
-They told me to commit suicide
-They are the loudest through machinery (fans, A.C., dishwasher etc)

I do not hear the voices/hallucinations anymore. When I am manic, hypo-manic, extremely stressed, or my anxiety is over the top I will hear them. What does your voices say? or do you hear them?


  1. I hear voices, but I often ignore them when I can. The problem is that I cannot always ignore them. When something stressful happens, I break down, because I have had to listen to someone "real" get upset with me, and it adds to what is already going on inside my head.

    What is difficult to understand is how to block them out. It often feels impossible. They can also be classified as thoughts that race.

    I think therapy and taking care of myself works the best, but recently I have reconsidered seeing a therapist, because I have "done" therapy for years, and I know I have the tools already.

    You have a beautiful face, by the way. Sorry if I made you blush.


  2. I can relate to you in regards to ignoring them. When I am anxious or stressed it did make them worse. I also have been in therapy for years and have all the tools as well. Thank you for your comments and the compliment:)

  3. I don't know that I really hear them, it is more like being in a crowded room, and are always at the back of my head. Sometimes I hear a word that will be shot out and it will connect with my conscious, but it is more background noise. It happens the most when I'm really tired or stressed. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your comments, they always make me feel better.

  4. This is a really good question and I would need some time to think before I answer.