Friday, August 20, 2010


I found this poem in a magazine by Donna Torrey

It's my Time

It's my time to take control of my life.
It's my time to run my life,
Not let life run me.
It's my time to dream big,
Set lofty goals,
And achieve those dreams and goals.

It's my time to be healthy and happy
It's my time to continuously be grateful to God
  for all the gifts he has given me.
It's my time to open and explore those gifts-
Many of which have sat on a shelf, collecting dust.

It's my time to finish healing the old wounds-
To put balm on scars and move forward, without looking back.
It's my time to be a survivor, for that is what I am.
I refuse to be a victim any longer.
I refuse to let circumstances of the past cloud my present.
I refuse to let clouds of the past affect my future.
It's time to be me!

It's my time to be open to the adventure of new possibilities.
It's my time to sing out with joy in my heart.

It's time for this butterfly to let go of the branch and soar.


  1. Brilliant. Please may I use this when I take my group meditations?

    This really sums us up. I know this current time is mine and I'm taking advantage of it. I really hope that you will too Emeila. You're so right, THIS IS YOUR TIME. hugs. Mart

  2. This is amazingly beautiful.
    My therapist was asking me to spend time remembering and understanding the gifts God has given me just this week. This poem is really moving my heart.
    I needed to read this.

    If it would be ok with you I would like to post this on my tumbler with credit to you of course.
    I will wait for your permission.
    Thank you for all of your loving support. I know that I have not been around very much, I am trying to get back into things.

    I wish you all that your bright and shinny future has in store for you.


  3. Mart and Vicki you can use the poem. I love this poem, it also touched my heart when I read it.hugs I am happy you both loved it.

  4. that was really powerful.
    good post!