Saturday, August 7, 2010


     The depression has lifted. I am feeling better about myself. I joined a community center in my town. They have an activity each day. I never know when depression will take control of me. I have to watch out for triggers.

     Triggers will intensify the disorder. Some of my triggers are insomnia, stress, certain people, and my structure schedule disrupted. Stress as we all know will happen but there are ways to control it. Learn the word "no". I have a difficult time with that word. I have a tendency to take on too many projects at once.

Do you have triggers that could effect your disorder?

hugs and strength to you all


  1. Ah, yes, triggers. It was one particular trigger, the word 'formal'that led me to go and jump in front of a train. Sounds silly now but it drilled into my head the thought that formal proceedings were about to happen. ~Even now I hate the word. Another trigger for me is continuous pain. Those triggers never go away so as you say Emeila, you have to watch out for them and hide or walk away. To be able to say no, well, that's having power. I know you have the power so I kinda rely on you to succeed on my behalf. Mart

  2. My family is a huge trigger, if you could not guess from my posts. I can't live with them or without them. They bring me up and down but without them I am lost. It's a no win situation.

  3. Being in public, being around people, being seen by people, having to talk to people, do you see a pattern here? lol I like to remain hidden and it helps to keep my anxiety in check.

    Good post.