Thursday, April 22, 2010


My Coping skills for bipolar disorder

As most of you all know my friend died. I also suffer from OCD. My friend was murdered and in having these disorders I need a method besides medications to redirect my mind from fixating on her death. They have not found a suspect yet. When I begin to put the pieces together in my head repetively, in regards to her case, I redirect back to pictures of her and I. The pictures calm my mind and happy memorires occur.

Family and friends have created a group site where we can write stories about her and reminise. The site is therapy for me. When the obsessions in my head begin I refrain back to the group page and pictures. Sometimes my obsessions will interfere with my everyday life and I need to find other coping skills to redirect my thoughts. I will think of one topic in my life and focus on that throughout the day until I find another way to refocus.


  1. Hello Emeila, I'm sorry that you're still finding the loss of your friend to be so difficult. I think it is one of the worst things we humans have to deal with. I do like your blog and would find it useful to me if you could write often. Writing is a personal way of expressing our thoughts and this helps us all. Puttng our thoughts onto a blog allows us to say what we're feeling in a sensitive and trusting openness with anyone who reads. It can bring our thoughts into line and keep us in harmony.Please keep writing. Loads of hugs. Mart.

  2. Sounds like you are doing what you need for yourself to help you. I'm glad you are doing what you need for yourself. I'm glad you have the website to remember your friend by, sounds like it is helping you heal. HUGS.

  3. I am so sorry about your friend. It's wrong that she was taken from you like that!!

    I'm sure she would want you to live well and be happy. Remember her always...and make her proud, as I know you do...((Hugs))

  4. Came over from rainbow dreaming and dont want to leave without share your pain with you. I am sorry for your loss and it must be terrible to die in such a way. My heart goes out to her and you. Love from my heart to yours.