Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Friend

My friend that I have known for over twenty years just passed away. She was murdered. I am very shaken up over this. My heart aches for her family and her three year old daughter. When a tradegy happens and having bipolar, I have to watch for symptoms. My body does not heal compared to a typical person.

My other friends are handling this well and now we wait for a suspect. I also have OCD. Right now the negative and obssessive thoughts seep in. I try to rediect my thoughts by thinking of the good times and the wonderful memories I have of her. Now is the time to see my therapist to help me cope with her death.


  1. Hi Emeila, this must truly be a difficult time for you and I send you millions of hugs, love and prayers in a hope that you will find a moment or two to reflect on how wonderful your friend was. The good times should be our dominating thoughts but so often we bow to the sad times. There is nothing I can do except wish for you that your friend lets you know in her own way that she is okay. Love and light. Mart.

  2. Wish I had the right words to say. Sorry to hear of your loss. Please take care of yourself. You can email me if you need to talk. HUGS.