Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coping skills

Coping skills in having Bipolar

I am going to list in how I cope with Bipolar along with medication.

Anxiety: I have medication for panic attacks, however I am only limited to a certain amount. When I have an anxiety attack, my voice sounds like a cartoon character, chest hurts and sometimes hands shake. I will lay in a dark room and breathe from my stomache.

They always pass. If I am away from a dark room and have an attack, I will do my breathing techniques. Since I have an exercise routine my anxiety attacks have decreased. My goal is to stop taking the anxiety medication, however for now I need it.

Depression: I keep a journal and track the length of sadness. I take the journal to my Psychiatrst and see if I need a medication tweak. I try to become proactive, which I believe will decrease the depression. I have to feel like I have a purpose in life. As most of you know, I volunteer, take a night class, and exercise. Too be honest there are days where I have to push myself to do daily activities.

Obsessive thoughts: when I begin to obsess I have to talk it out with a friend or my husband. Sometimes I draw/clean/or go on the computer to redirect my thinking.

Racing thoughts: I will draw/talk with a friend or husband/ and chores etc. Racing thoughts are rough to redirect. I have to keep busy.

I also pray to the Lord for strength.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog. hugs and strength to you all.


  1. These are excellent skills.

    Racing thoughts have been something I struggle with also.

    I also go to find a place of peace when I need to, I wish I remembered to do that on the times when I forget. Thanks for the reminder.

    Last week I began going regularly to the gym again and I am going to go again this week. I too find great relief in exercise.

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the visit at my blog.
    ♥ Vicki

  2. I only have had one anxiety attack, this happened with my mother in the car, going thru Mcdonalds drivethru for ice cream. Managed make it out and park, what happened to me. I was under extreme stress for a long time, also on anti depressants still am. I had done something that day that I thought I would never have had to do and must have increased my stress. All of the sudden I felt like I could not breath and i was having a heart attack (which runs in my family with the women) my mom calls 911 for help, and then my hands face and legs all got tingly and then wouldnt work. I never want to have another attack again in my life.

  3. You have developed some excellent coping skills. During a rough period in my life, I had anxiety attacks for a while....they were SO horrible! Some days I was afraid to go out in public for fear of having one of them.

    I know how awful it can be and I admire your strength....((Hugs))

  4. Hi Emeila, I send you strength for managing your life and having the ability to call on your husband and friends when you need them. So often we go inside and bottle up our emotions, safe for us to keep. Your blog is a wonderful release and shared emotions are a good way of getting self peace. Keep going. Lots of hugs for strength. Mart