Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visit to the Psychiatrist

Visiting my psychiatrist has its positives and negatives. He wants to increase my medication (mood stabilizer). I have tried several types of medicines. He was going to place me on one that did not agree with me. I typed up a history that listed all my medications and have him refer to the document. It is very important you write up your past history that list all your medications, diagnosis, doctors, hospitalizations, etc. My doctor is forgetful and even with the best of psychiatrists, you need to be your own advocate.

He is increasing my mood stabilizer since my moods have been shaky. I still have the crying spells and since my freind pasted away, depression is right around the corner. Thank you all for your support and encouraging comments. How are your visits to your doctors office? Through your experience what ways have worked for you that made the visits easier, any advice?


  1. Again, terribly sorry for your loss. I think making a list in a good idea. My biggest secret with any doctor is my husband. With my fear and intimidation of doctors him being there helps balance things out. Together we talk with her about any issues and he helps me remember anything we need to say. (I tend to go blank when I get in the office.) Really he is my biggest advocate and I trust him more than the doctor to help in making decisions.

    You are in my prayers. Peace.

  2. If you've read my blog you'll now my thoughts on doctors just now.

    I did have a list of my medication and I must update it, great idea. I sincerely hope that you find the determination to pass beyond this period in your life. Your loss has hit you hard and we all know how difficult it can be to get up, shrug it off and move forward. But you must. Please do it for me. Mart.

  3. As a Nurse, I applaud your knowledge and active participation in your own treatment! No one knows your body as well as you do. You are so right...be your own advocate!! Hang in there, sweetie!!