Sunday, July 11, 2010


My last blog was about being your own advocate when visiting your doctors. I feel it is sad that we have to do this but this is reality. My next visit is the end of July. I will have to double check the prescription to make sure it is correct and legible. I was very anxious and did not feel grounded. My husband took care of the situation. When an incident like this happens it makes having bipolar worse.

The nutrition support group is going well. I am loosing 2 pounds a week.. When I shed this weight I would like to start my own group.I have to be very careful due to my medication. The medicine I am on changes my metabolism.

Hope you all are well. Sending strength your way. hugs

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  1. Emeila, your blog posts are alot more positive. Your thoughtful comments to us about our visits to the doctors is wonderful and we should all take care. Keep at it with the group. There is no beginning too small. Hugs. Mart