Sunday, July 4, 2010


   Continuation of my story having Bipolar

  As we all know it is important to have a psychiatrist you can trust. I have found it has been a battle finding the right one. I have been through three different doctors and going on my fourth. I believe I have said this before but you have to be your own advocate. Check you prescriptions before you leave the office.

Recently, I saw my psychiatrist's nurse and she wrote the prescription out wrong. I did not realize this until I arrived at the pharmacy. I was frustrated and anxious about the situation. We went back to the office, however they were all on vacation for the fourth of July.

Hugs and strength


  1. Oh Emeila, how frustrating to have the wrong prescription. I have had a similar situation so I feel your frustration.

    I'm pleased that your well and I like the connection of the photograph and your story.

    Please keep well for me. Hugs of love. Mart

  2. At least you caught it before you took it, which was my case. It sent me into a drug-induced mania, that was simply horrid. (They had changed all their charts to digita, mine somehow got lost and my doc wrote the wrong thing) It was a nightmare. Now I always check and if something is different I call the pharamcy to make sure I what I got. Hope you were able to get everything straightened out. Hugs.