Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fibromyalgia 2

   My precious Grandmother
I posted a definition of Fibromyalgia in my previous blog.

Having fibromyalgia you become forgetful which could be from the insomnia and achy which leads to breaking prior commitments with friends. "Don't forget to buy me milk" my grandmother would say. I would forget to buy it after work. My Nan (grandmother) would become frustrated with me "why are you so forgetful" she would say.

I would give her an explanation of the disorder. Like I said in my last blog I was fighting insomnia, body achs, exhaustion, exteme fatigue and headachs. My Grandmother saw a book called "Fibromyalgia Handbook". She bought the book and was amazed at what she read. She called my Mom and explained how she finally understands what I have been fighting each day.

Our relationship changed. She became patient and helpful. It brought tears to my eyes when I found out what she did. It is very important if you know someone with a disorder to research the information, it will make your relationship grow.


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  2. It's good that you've finally been heard. There must have been times when the frustration from not being understood was mind blowing. How wonderful that your grandmother finally knows and, supports you. Perhaps you could put the name of the book and the ISBN on your blog? Well done for staying the course and making it easier for others. Mart.

  3. A little knowledge goes a long way. How wonderful that she found a book, read it, and you were able to understand each other better. There's nothing better than being understood and being able to help each other out. Just what your blog has done for me. Thanks Emeila. HUGS Midnight

  4. Hi Emeila!
    First I want to say I love how you say you have bipolar - you are not bipolar. I read a message you left on another blog and I know you are a Christ follower. So, what you are is a child of the king, forgiven, accepted, loved, given everything you need to become all God has planned for you!! You are precious in his sight and his delight!!

    My beautiful niece had bipolar. She took her life last year. It is still hard to believe she is gone. It got too hard for her, she lost hope. I wish she could have hung on one more day, because things can change in that amount of time.

    I have an older sister that has fibro, has lived with it for years and years. I think I may have it too. A few years ago I began experiencing body aches. I visited my sister and she pressed on all the pressure spots and yep, they hurt. When I am in bed and my cat walks across my body I feel pain where she steps. Bummer!!!! I also have frequent migraines. My doctor says, "You don't want that diagnoses on your record"......I understand her thinking but.......she said, "I will tell you the same thing whether you have it or not. Eat well, exercise and lose weight!"

    I have trouble with word retrieval as well, which is also worse when I need a new estrogen patch!!! :)

    So, I may have to seek out another doctor who will listen a little more. The pain is not so bad, it's just really annoying. But I know it progresses. At least my sister's did. I am sleeping fine.

    Wow, did not really mean to say all that.

    I am glad those around you understand what you deal with every day. It's hard enough without people not understanding.

    Blessings to you - I will be back to catch up with your earlier postings!!

  5. Emeila, I have not read every post, but I scanned most of them since you began this blog.

    I know God is and will use you in helping others with similar issues, and to help others to understand a little better.

    Thank you!

    My precious niece had just experienced a long and hard manic episode, I remember talking to her during it - she was so confused - she was driving all around talking about Indians.......I wish I had know what to do!!!!

  6. I am sory about your niece. The illness at that time took over her brain. Some people find the right medication and some have to try several. I have tried over 10 different medications.

    In my opinion have you been to a rheumotologist(sp). I am on Lyrica and it has taken away the pain.

    Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you