Thursday, May 27, 2010


     When first diagnosed with bipolar I was immediately placed on high milagarms of many types of medicines. Their technique was to slowly decrease to the right dosage. In my opinion, I wish they would of started with a lower mg and gradually increase. What do you all think?

     Due to the high dosage I slept through out the day, gained weight and my hygene was poor. I know everyone is different on medication, however when I met the right pyschiatrist, she started on a low dosage and then increased. Below I will list what I learned about medicines through experience:
1. buy a book on medications to see all the side effects
2. if the side effect is mild, stay with the medicine as it may dissapear while your body adjust to the mdication
3. try different times of the day
4. see a therapist to help you cope with the disorder. The medicine is only one part to help with the disorder


  1. Starting high seems a foolish way of providing treatment. Logic to me would be to start with low doeses of single drugs and build upwards, not the otherway around. Perhaps their intention WAS to sedate you!

    I agree with your list and especially No4. My therapist was brilliant and although I hated her coming to see me, I always felt better afterwards but perhaps not the same day.

    Weight gain, yep, becasue I'm crashed out all day I eat with no exercise.

    I'm glad you're at the correct levels now and have your blog to air your concerns. It's great to have freinds and I'm always here Emeila. YOu've helped me with answers on my blog so I hope to help you. Lots of hugs. Mart

  2. That sounds scary! Starting at a high dose and then going down. I can't imagine what that was like. I definitely believe in starting low and then going higher, if needed. Sounds like an awful experience and dangerous in my opinion. Glad you are seeing a different Dr. Hope you are doing well.

  3. That does sound scary! I have been on a low dose for awhile and as the meds "plateau" I think treatment/ higher dosage may be in order.

    Please be mindful of your strength. Our meds help with the chemical irregularities that we cannot help. But there is a big responsibility upon us to be vigilant in striving for happiness and balance.

    I too am here for you, and I thank the higher power daily for this site.

    Blessings and love!

  4. I was a nurse for 18 years and I recall doctors starting with a low dose and working up from there. You seem like such a lovely person, Emeila...I hope things are going well for you now.

    I've said this before but it deserves repeating...your blog will be so helpful to so many people!! Keep writing...your words are needed and relevant to many...((Hugs))