Thursday, June 24, 2010


     When depression occurs I turn to food. My therapist gave me a name of a support group that I can turn too when that urge happens. "It is called Take off Pounds Sensibly" TOPS. I can not have peanut butter, butter(I place butter and sugar on top of toast with cinnamon), chocolate, and ice cream in the house.

When I feel depressed those are my comfort foods that I turn too. Today is my first day going to the meeting. I am very nervous. I never had a weight problem before or had problems with food before. When I eat my comfort food, I am on a high and feel awesome. After, I feel extremely guilty. They have TOPS in many states. I will update in how the meeting goes.

Have a blessed day


  1. Hi Emeila, really pleased you've found a group that will help you achieve your goals. I need to loose 25 pound so please get rid of them for me at the meeting!!

    Thereapists always ask me if I'm loosing wieght while I'm going depressive and they seem shocked when I say I actually gain weight.

    Glad you're well. Loads of gentle hugs. Mart

  2. Good luck Emeila. I understand. I never had a weight problem either until I started meds. It is a real shocker and a struggle. Always had a problem with food, it just never showed. Hang in there. I'd like to hear what you learn. Midnight

  3. I went to TOPS after our son was born. I had gained a lot of weight. The group really helped!

    BTW, you brought back a memory for Mom used to make us cinnamon toast before school when we were kids. She would put pats of butter, sugar and cinnamon on bread and "toast" it in the oven on broil. I haven't thought of that in years...LOL!

    What I learned in TOPS is that you can still have some of those things, like cinnamon toast, every once in a while...but balance it with other, healthy foods.

    I lost from 175 pounds down to 125 pounds with TOPS and I'm a total weakling. But you are a strong person, much stronger than can do it!!!