Friday, June 11, 2010

People with a mental illness

     The list below are people that have a mental illness (depression and bipolar). This list helps me on my bad days and shows that others can function while having a mental illness. People with a mental illness vary, some can work and some can not. I want to show how many can work on having an illness and have many gifts. I have met teachers, artists, and teacher assistants that also have a mental illness.

Sopie Anderton: model           
Adam Ant: musician
Andy Behrman: author
Russell Brand: comedian and actor
Georg Cantor: mathematician
Dick Cavett: television journalist
Connie Francis: singer
Alan Garner: novelist
David Kelly: English weapons inspector
Eddie Griffen: American NBA player
Buzz Aldrin: astronaut
Joe Budden: American hip hop artist
Edvard Munch: artist
Kay Redfield Jamison: clinical psychologist and professor of psychiatry


  1. Yes,having bipolar is not a charactor flaw, but an illness. Many very amazing people have suffered with the symptoms. I think that getting help is the key, and you are on the right track with that and openly expressing your feelings. I think that is awesome. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  2. Hi Emeila, your post today says it all. We're not alone in this world and many people, just like the ones you've mentioned above, have done great things and continue to do so. There may be a label attached to mental illness but we should look at it as a label of greatness! You are great, you are brilliant and you're definately special.

    I like the colours in the picture. Lots of strong hugs. Mart