Monday, June 28, 2010

Part 2 with Depression

My last blog was about turning to food when depressed. I discussed how I joined a support group called TOPS (take off pounds sensibly). The first meeting went well. The group meets once a week and weighs you each meeting. For me, having the extra support gives me the strength not too over eat when depressed.

The group has rewards and a magazine which talks about healthy eating. I am back in the gym and hope to shed this weight. I like this group, and it is very inexpensive.

I am sure others can relate that the medication increases your appetite and changes your metabolism. I have to fight that hunger and redirect myself to forget that I was hungry.


  1. Congrats Emelia!! Sounds like an excellent plan.. Love your goodies you bought - keep us posted!

  2. That food looks excellant. I'm thinking about enjoying some fruit now so better have some. Glad it's a tried and tested method for you.