Tuesday, March 23, 2010



When I was diagnosed with bipolar, I felt alone. I could not find a conveniant support group near my home. I did find one on line, however since bipolar varies in severity, finding a match to my disorder was difficult. I wanted to find someone that also hears voices. I could not find anyone that hears voices compared to mine.

I decided to blog my story that maybe there is a person out there that feels alone like I was feeling. It is my objective in these writings that I can be of assistance to someone who is in search of answers like I was in regards to what is ailing them.

Support is the key to this disorder and also knowing that others have gone through the same issues that you went through. It took over two years for me to find the right support and finding others I can relate to.

Thank you for your encouraging comments and taking the time in reading my blog.




  1. Wow Emeila,you've made it. This is the start of a new you. I've just read through your previous blogs to see how you've changed and blimey what a move. Leeps and bounds. Keep at it as your blog is a pleasure to read and I'm sure all your other followers would agree. Hugs for being brilliant. Thanks for your comments on my blog.Mart.

  2. How great that you found a support group. I never really had the guts to check any out. How wonderful that you started this blog and sharing your experience. Thank you for doing so. I really appreciate it. Peace.