Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I am feeling depressed my body feels heavy, sunked in the couch. The phone rings but I do not answer. The doorbell rings and I don't open the door. I drink one coffee after another to gain some sort of energy. By the end of the day I push myself to put on my sneakers and out the door I go with an ankor feeling on my waist.

I am exhausted and my feet feel like they are sinking in the ground. I walk pass a lake and see one of my beautiful birds. I love Great White Heron's and Blue Heron's. I smile and I believe it is a way God is comforting me. I begin to feel grounded by looking at all of God's beautiful creatures. God is my favorite artist. What do you do to cope with the depression?


  1. Hi Emeila, I can so relate to your blog today. My wife and I went to a church this evening and Jackie (my wife) gave a reading on how to enjoy all the beauty that is around us and not to just dash everywhere and ignore everythting. We've taught ourselves to tune out our negative thoughts and surrounding noises and to tune IN, to bird songs. After a while it gets really easy.

    Unfortunately, when I get deeply depressed I go very quiet and sit quietly for hours. Laughter always brings me out of it. I watch a silly movie, TV show or listen to a CD of comedians or old shows. It usually works.

    I hope you find peace in your heart and continue to look to the beauty of the world. I send you lots of hugs. Mart.

  2. Nature keeps me grounded. Animals, trees, Earth, the sky, sun and moon. I love God's messages He gives me speaking through them when no one else is around and know it is just for me. Sounds like you understand that also. What a beautiful feeling. Hang on to it. He's there. Peace.

  3. That feeling is all too familiar to me...and I know how isolating it can feel. The way that I have coped is to focus on the small goals. If I have walked for 10 minutes...that's ten minutes more than the day before. clean a junk drawer...organize your fridge..dust your TV. All the small tasks that people that don't understand while coping with depression take for granted. I keep a notepad beside my fridge and I journal all the tasks I complete each day as a form of reward. It helps. Best of luck to you...the light will shine if you stay strong :)

  4. I have also been so depressed that I wouldn't answer the phone or the door. I know that feeling of heaviness very well. I do the same thing you did. If I can get moving and get outside, then I am sure to feel lighter.

    Being outdoors is like a medicine for me. My pets help too. I have a cockatiel named Jodie and she is such a sweetie. My dogs help as well. Having to care for them everyday gives ma a lift!

    Keep doing what you are doing. Sounds like you are on the right track....((Hugs))