Thursday, March 11, 2010

Phone call

Continuation with my story having Bipolar

I am having a small procedure next week. It isn't serious. The nurse called to confirm the appointment. The moment I mentioned bipolar, her intonation in her voice changed, like she was speaking to a child. I have had this happen to me many times with other professionals. I was sad throughout the day. I am usually careful whom I tell, however in the this situation it had to be told.

Last year I told a few new people that I met and noticed a change in how they teated me. I also told a few family members. In my opinion be careful who you tell, and trust your instincts. I am feeling much better about the situation from today. Stay strong and always remember you are God's child first, an individual and a special person before the diagnosis.


  1. Sorry to hear the response you had from a nurse, of all people. It hurts to hear that change in voice or look in one's eye, but I believe you are strong and loved. Faith creates the miracles we deserve. Peace.

  2. Yes, I can really relate to your story. It's like having a big secret that you want to tell people, but you're unsure how it will be taken. As you say, trust your instinct. Millions of good wishes for the procedure. Love & light. Mart

  3. Hi Emeila, I thought I had left a post before but it's not here! Maybe it will appear later? I can relate to your issue entirely. I'm nervous about telling my story to relatives and friends. I know your procedure will go well next week so loads of hugs. Mart.

  4. What an interesting insight. Sometimes it saddens me to see how people treat those with disabilities or mental illnesses. In my mind, it's just a different type of trial. Each of us has trials, each of us needs saving. Why should we judge anyone because their trials are different than us? Why judge anyone when we can use the energy to love them?

    But, as you said, we just have to keep remembering that you are God's child first and He is no respecter of persons.

    Hang in there!

  5. I don't get it Emeila, why would someone act or treat you differently, what gives them the right to assume.

  6. My strong and know that you are a normal person battling an ugly disease. I am a retired nurse and I know your pain for I have seen it first hand. Here is a hug for you...everyone needs a hug sometimes!...((Hug))