Thursday, March 4, 2010

Psychiatrist 2

Continuation of Psychiatrist

I was on my second psychiatrist. I continued to try many medications. One side effect after another. My doctor did not believe that the medicines were causing serious symptoms (leg pain, nausea, senses were heightened). Stand your ground. I learned to educate myself about the medicines I was taking. We stopped seeing the Psychiatrist and on to the next. This time I was prepared. I am going to interview the doctor and have a book of medications.

I finally found a psychaitrist that listened to me and believed me. I brought my typed history and the book of medications. Sometimes it can take three or four psychiatrist to find the right one and many medicines. Don't give up finding the right physicians and drugs.

Find a psychiatrist that is recommended. Some hospitals have free referral services. They will help you find a doctor that takes your insurance and has been referred by many other patients. In can be exhausting and you easily want to give up. Support groups on line and  in schools, hospitals etc can also be a resourse.

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  1. I love the fact that you're going to interview the doctor. I just accepted who I was assigned to and she's nice, but changed my medication which doesn't suit me.

    In this part 2, you're coming across as a stronger, more determined person who knows what she wants and how to achieve it and, you're actively moving toward it. You're excellant. I've picked up some good information from reading your blog. Thank you. Love & Light. Mart

  2. I'm really glad you found a doctor that fits and listens to you. Believe me I know how important that is. My husband goes with me to every appointment, it's taken almost a year for this current doc to trust the fact that he was coming and his reasons. But we held tough, I wasn't going by myself, because doctors tend to make me go blank. My husband is there to help me remember what we need to talk about.