Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going through the stages

Continuation of my story of Bipolar in 2007

When I was diagnosed with Bipolar, I was ready to fight and become healthy again, however not realizing the long road ahead of me. Below I will list what I went through.
  • Positive attitude
  • Depression (medication after medication not working)
  • Decrease in hygene (no showers, same clothes each day)
  • Positive attitude again
  • exercising, but was fatigued and gave up early
  • weight gain
  • continuation of the voices
  • depression increased
  • suicidal thoughts also called suicidal ideation (you think of it but do not act on it)
  • took too many anxiety pills to numb the pain of Bipolar
  • praying
  • Positive attitude again along with family, friends and husband to give me a push
  • driving a car was put on hold( I bought a bike)
  • working was put on hold ( volunteerd at an art gallery, and a hospital)
  • started another medication which again did not eliminate the voices/hallucinations
  • depression again
  • grieving my life before
  • grieving not being able to have a child
  • positive attitude again, I have three beautiful step children that love me
  • God is my strength
This may not work for everyone that has a mental illness but I bought a pet and I had to be responsible for him. BoBo (parakeet) lead me to not to sleep all day. He brighten my moods and was easy to take care of. I scheduled my medications each day and scheduled my day from house work to exerccise.

I am blessed I have a wonderful supportive husband. When my hygene was poor from the depression he helped me with clean clothes,manicures and pedicures. No, he didn't do the nails lol He would take me to a salon.

Support is very important. I would read up on the illness and go to support groups on line and in a group.. I would also recommned books about the disorder to my husband as well. It was very hard on my family to see me like this. I was always the life of the party. They are still in denial but in there own way giving me support.

My family wants me back the way I was. I am starting slow. I just bought a car and starting off slowly since it has been three years of not driving. I will continue to volunteer and pray to God for strength and always thank him for helping me get through these years.

What helps you get you through your struggles?
Do you know anyone that has a mental illness or bipolar and have questions?
Have you ever felt depressed and what got you through it?
Do you have a pet and what kind?
Do you like the black background, or would white background be easy reading?

Thank you again for reading my blog, God Bless


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