Monday, February 15, 2010

Sad story

My step-son asked us to adopt a child many times. He has a brother and a sister but wants another to play games with. My husband and I have made a decision not to have children either way. I couldn't live with myself if my child was also diagnosed with Bipolar. Our child would have a higher chance getting Bipolar since I have the disorder. Adopting would be difficult to do from other personal issues.

I am sad every time he ask this question. How do you tell a 13 year old"I can not have children due to having bipolar and your farther and I can not adopt because of other issues and they are too difficult for you to understand"

My step-son has some special needs and him and I have a special bond. He would not understand any of this. Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog.

I must take time to come into God's presence, to feel my weakness and my need, and to renew my fellowship with him. (Andrew Murray)


  1. God has promised us that all of our losses will be made up, if we are faithful. Keep hanging in there!

  2. hey the words will come, keep the faith