Friday, February 5, 2010


This night happened March 2007

We lived in duplex and each night I began to hear the mumbles. I thought it was just the neighbors. Each night I lay in bed and the mumbles became louder and louder. "Do you hear that" I asked my husband. "no, just go back to sleep"

The mumbles turned into voices. "Daddy I can't sleep" the little girl would say. I would hear crying. I just shrugged it off as if the neighbors daughter was not sleeping.

It has been a couple weeks hearing the voices just at night. Well, now I am hearing them during the day. I could hear the couple talking clearly and they were talking about me.

I became paranoid. I approached my husband and again he would say "I do not hear anything"

Everyday I would hear the voices and paranoia struck. "Am I the only one hearing these voices!" I would say out loud. Anxiety struck.

Are you experiencing the test of fire and affliction? Thank God that he is there. "He sits by the fire." He is there to comfort, to strengthen, and to encurage. Reach out by faith and take his hand. Look up into his face and let his presence reassure you. (J.C. Brumfield)

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