Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Continuation of my disorder of having Bipolar:

I hope I do not offend anyone but in order for me to keep sane with having a mental illness I need to have a sense humor. Don't we all though, just to make it through the day, hour, and minute. I have been in 4 different psychiatric hospitals.

"What hospitals have you been to in the last two years" the nurse asked . After naming all the hospitals, I looked at the nurse and said "hey, I wanted to see which had the best food (shoulders shrugged, eyebrows raised)"

My friend has the same sense of humor as me. She bought me a sign that says "Gone to Therapy" ahahaha I believe strongly in therapy and I am seeing one now, but that sign made feel it is okay to laugh. I have it hanging in my hallway of my house.

Laugh, it brings those serotonin neurotransmitters to our brain which helps our moods

© 2010-M.M.


  1. Laughter is the best medicine!

  2. You are absolutely right Chaz. Laughing is the best!!