Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hospital time

Continuing with my story about being diagnosed with Bipolar,

Like I said before paranoia struck and the voices in my head were very loud and I finally approached my husband to bring me to the hospital. I admitted myself. They told me I was in acute psychosis. I would come in an out of reality. When I was in reality I knew the voices were not my friend. Out of reality I believed them and did everything they told me what to do.

I am hoping I may find someone on here that I can help and knowing they are not alone. It doesn't have to be Bipolar but it could be any type of mental illness.

What I learned about having a mental illness is you are you first. Stay on your medication, go to the doctors on a regular basis.When the voices were loud I would stick my head under the shower and that was my peace.

They told me I could not drive while trying different medications so I bought a bike. The doctors said I could not work again, I then volunteered. This mental illness was not going to take over my body.

God Bless you all

© 2010-M.M.

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